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lutuan, kainan, kwentuhan at kung anu-ano pa

Imitation crab salad

salad on bread

Kung hindi ito totoong laman ng alimango, ano ‘to? Syempre, kailangang mag-research at baka kung ano na ang ipinapasok natin sa bibig natin noh. GME (google mo Ella) muna ang byuti ko.

Ito po ay gawa sa laman ng isda, usually Alaska Pollock, which has a very mild taste. The processing starts with skinning and boning of the fish. Then the meat is minced and rinsed resulting in a thick paste called surimi. The word means minced fish in Japan which developed the techniques in making it over 800 years ago.

The finished surimi is shaped into chunks or tubes and cut into sticks or large flakes. It is cooked to give it the texture of real crab meat. Caramel, paprika and annatto extract are used to coat the imitation crab to give it the reddish color of genuine crab meat.

Nutritionally, surimi is not different from crab meat although it is lower in cholesterol. At puwede pang kainin ito ng mga allergic sa crabs or shellfish kasi isda nga siya. My sis Ana can eat imitation crab meat but not real crabs (allergic siya).

Luto na po ang nabibiling imitation crab meat kaya safe nang gamitin sa salad, sushi, cracker toppings, dips, omelettes and other dishes.  Hindi nga dapat lutuin ulit dahil nagiging malata siya.

crab flakes

Crab flakes

crab sticks-320Crab sticks ang available sa atin. Wala akong nakikitang crab flakes dito like the first photo (marami po nito sa US at sa ibang bansa). I buy my imitation crab sticks from Salcedo Village Saturday market (which I prefer)  or from Fresh Catch Seafood stores. Fresh Catch is also available in major supermarkets.

What you need for our basic imitation crab salad:

2 packs of imitation crab sticks ( P85 each)

4 stalks of celery, chopped

1 small bunch of spring onions, minced

1 small white onion, minced

1 cup mayonnaise or more

2 tablespoons sour cream

1/2  small lemon or 3 calamansi

sugar, salt and pepper to taste

slice 3-320

Slice the crab sticks diagonally. Pigaan ng lemon o calamansi.  Set aside.

salad 320-2

Mix all the salad ingredients first before adding the sliced crab sticks. Imitation crab has a stringy texture at medyo nasisira agad and porma niya if you over-mix it. Fold the imitation crab meat gently into the mixed ingredients. Chill.

Serve cold on toasted bread, as  sandwich filling or on a bed of lettuce for salad effect.

bread 250

Para medyo sosyal if you have guests, buy whole wheat batard, P 69.50 in major supermarkets. Two batards are enough for our recipe. Masarap ang tinapay na ‘to, pramis.

sliced bread 320

Slice and toast until crust is brown and crisp

salad on bread-320

Spread salad on toast. O di vah? Sosyal ang dating pero mura lang siya, yummy pa.

You can spice up your salad by adding:

4 boiled eggs, peeled and chopped or

2 tablespoons all purpose cream or

2 teaspoons pickle relish or more or

3-4 apples chopped or

top with chopped walnuts or

add a dash or two of paprika

I like mine simple but spicing it up makes it an awesome apperetif or snack for any gathering. Bon appetit!

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  1. paborito ko ito ellabeybe! masarap yung sa sam’s club.

    Comment by katrina | July 30, 2009 | Reply

    • Ay oo, peyborit ko rin ang crab flakes nila, ang dami nga lang masyado hehe. Diyan ko nga natutunan ang recipe na ‘to. Sarap. Alam mo ba Kat, nung umuwi ako dito, may dala akong celery nyahaha. Eh ang laki ng mga celery stalks diyan di ba? Pucha, nakalaylay ba naman sa bag ko yung gulay nyahaha!

      Comment by ella | August 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. ang galing talaga ni ate ella da best sa lutuan pero da best din ang beauty ohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! sana someday maging tulad mo din ako magaling magluto at maimbento ng bout fud hehehehhehe

    Comment by ronald flordeliz | September 5, 2010 | Reply

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